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    Updating tasks via email

      Apologies if this had been asked already, but I can't seem to find it if it has.


      Great news that I received my first notification via email today since the upgrade. Hoorah!


      Bad news is that I tried to do my standard reply to change the deadline and update the task and the email bounced back.


      Are you planning on re-implementing the ability to comment and update tasks via email ala the old version, to wit:


      • Cool Tips: by replying to this email you can accomplish the following different actions:
      • Add a note to the task by replying to this email (the first line will be the note)
      • Complete the task by replying done.
      • Assign priority with a number of stars (*3 will give the task three stars).
      • Assign the task to a colleague @ml (Michael Lewis).
      • Label the task like this #marketing.
      • Modify the deadline with : tomorrow, tomorrow 9am, next week, 09/27...
      • Move the task to another project with /ProjectName




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          As an addendum, it appears that that ability to assign tasks and set times via email also doesn't work any longer.


          That is, for example, if I email task@producteev.com with the subject "Top Secret Mission @rb tomorrow 10AM" it would previously create and assign the task to my colleague with the initials RB for 10AM the next day. Not so anymore. Will that make a return, I hope?




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            I'd really like to know about this as well.  Any update?  We really liked the ability to add notes to tasks by replying via email and using those "Cool Tips" that Stephen pointed out.  Would be a shame to not have that functionality any longer...


            Thanks much,