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    Purposeful Places - Issue with configuring Activity Page

      I've come up against a strange issue this morning while working on some tile stuff, the Manage -> Activity page page doesn't seem to be working correctly for the HEDLOC Testing (hedloc-testing) group in the sandbox.


      When I try to configure any of the tiles including the activity stream tile (I've only changed one of them), it doesn't work. For most of them, the screen darkens as if the Configuration popup is about to appear but then everything goes back to normal with no popup appearing. The exception is with the tile I've just changed (HEDLOC Shuriken Views) where clicking Configure does nothing at all. I'm not sure if this was an issue even before I made my change since I didn't check. This happens even if I add a new instance of the same tile and nothing appears in the console while any of this happens.


      In addition, if I click the Done button to finish editing the page, Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token h is displayed in the console. If I refresh the page or enter the link manually, I am redirected to the /error.jspa page with An unexpected error has occured.


      It looks like this is the only group that's affected since the same tiles and the Activity Page seems to work in the other groups we have set up.