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    Custom tables for Apps and Plugins in Jive 6 Hosted, On-prem or Cloud




      1. Currently we have a self-hosted Jive 5 and we are evaluating whether to upgrade to Jive 6 (Hosted or On-prem) or Cloud. In our Jive 5 we have a plugin that gets/stores data in custom tables that we created in the database, but, we want to change the plugin to a Jive App. So, is it possible to add custom tables to the Core Application DB in  Hosted or On-prem Jive 6 and Cluod,  and be sure that we will maintain the data in those tables through the time even after upgrades?


      2. We have other plugins that we would like to know if we can maintain as plugins or we'll need to change them to Apps. So, can we install plugins in Hosted Jive 6 and Cloud?