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    immediate response required



      You can see here:

      https://community.jivesoftware.com/message/1398977#1398977 the

      discussion i had with your colleague and i still did not receive any answer!


      As per your modifications in the system several people (form other

      "Project") appeared in a totally different "Project".

      They should not be seen there at all, as they do not belonge there. There

      is no way to remove those people!

      As mentioned already bellow it is a security issue - we need those people

      to be removed immediatelly from certain projects.


      Additionally you are still charging us (just happened yesterday) for the

      "service" that you do not provide.


      Please find another discussion bellow  -  we would like to be refunded as

      it was proposed by your colleague immediatelly.


      Looking forward to hearing from You,




      From: vincent vallois <vallois2010@gmail.com>

      Date: 2013. május 23. 7:20:14 CEST

      To: producteevrequests@jivesoftware.com

      Cc: Ágnes Szász <szasz.agnes23@gmail.com>

      Subject: More than the money




      Please refund me as proposed by John Rizzo.



      But also fix a very significant issues about the fact that every users can

      see each other and we cant get them out.


      You have just breach confidentiality issues.


      We wish to be totally refunded and close our account.