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    Best Use Cases


      Hi Tracy Maurer


      As promised on this thread: Re: Sample Help & Training Centers in your Intranet I'm starting a new thread to share how we ran our Best Use Case competition.


      Just some background on our community. We launched in Feb 2012 and we recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary. To celebrate, we created a group, infographic and a 'year in review' report which summarized all the top documents/blogs/blog posts/likes ect in the past 1 year. We also tied in a 'Best Use Case' competition. A screenshot of the group my team and I created is below.


      We gave users one month to submit entries on successful usage of the Greenhouse (our community). We created a PowerPoint template that people could fill and then send on to me.  It take quite a bit of push to get users to submit and I also individually sent messages (to specific people) to encouraging them to submit for cases that I knew would be good stories to showcase. We had around 25 great entries. My team and I picked out the top 10 finalists and we had our Global CEO and head of Global Solutions pick out the top 3. We are now using the entries from the competition to encourage other users to participate. It was a success and we will probably run this competition again next year.


      Would love to hear what others are doing in their communities to get "Best Use" Cases.

      Group  Greenhouse turns 1    Greenhouse.png