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    "Late tasks"

      As a follow up to a question I just posted, I now noticed that tasks that are due TODAY are showing as late!  This is not acceptable.  Please help!

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          Check your time for when the task is due. When I changed a large group of my late tasks to being due today and left the "all day" task checked, it made them all due at 12:00am today, which caused them to still be considered late because the due time had passed by like 8 hours (if it was 8am when I was checking it). Check on that. Even if that is the reason yours are showing up late, I still feel like this is something they need to fix. If I want to make my tasks an all day task, they should be due at 11:59PM on the due date (or whatever you've programmed into producteev as your "end of day" time), not 12AM on the due date. I hope that makes sense.

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              Totally agree.  Am having the same issue.  Very frustrating when going through the "Late" filtered list.  I have to look at each one to determine if it is really a "today" task the leaked into the "Late" list.


              Please fix this.  For the filters Producteev should just test against the due date - it should only look at the time if "All Day" is turned off.  If that is true, then it is possible tha a task could show up on both the "Late" filter and the "Today" filter - but that would be a very rare occurrence - not an everyday thing.