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    Mobile Internet Growth is Off the Charts! #Swarm

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      'Queen of the Net', Mary Meeker, released report on Internet Trends for 2013 yesterday. Below are some great takeaways about the future of mobile.

      • Mobile is poised to be the dominant means of accessing the internet

      Global internet access grew 8% last year, while mobile internet access grew by 30%

      Mobile now accounts for 15% of all internet traffic, up from 10% a year ago

      Mobile traffic as a % of internet traffic increases 1.5x year over year, and is likely to accelerate

      There’s still a lot of space for mobile internet access to grow with increased access to smartphones

      • China is the world’s largest country in terms of internet user numbers

      75% of China's population accesses the internet using mobile devices, while 71% use desktop computers to access the internet

      As affordable Chinese smartphones make their way into lower-level emerging market countries then smartphone growth could see another surge

      • Tablets are on the rise

      Less than three years after the introduction of the iPad, tablets are outselling notebooks and desktop PCs

      The rise of tablets and smartphones will also help fuel what is clearly a massive hunger for internet access in emerging markets


      I hope everyone is preparing for the Mobile Age! More information and survey results can be found in this article: http://memeburn.com/2013/05/the-meeker-files-queen-of-the-net-says-mobile-internet-growth-still-accelerating/

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          Adding to Mary Meeker's Internet Trends report, this SAP article brings up 3 technology trends with the biggest impact on companies.




          Mobility lessens equipment costs and provides employees with a sense of employment and freedom with their increased access to information.


          Workers are performing more tasks outside the office than ever before. 33% of business people spend 11-20% of their time working outside of the office, while 28% over 51% of their time.

          Challenges: security and maintaining a work-life balance


          Cloud Computing

          The cloud enables companies to share, store and consume resources easier, at a lower cost and with greater flexibility.

          28% of business people find elasticity and scale to be the greatest advantage of cloud computing.


          22% say ROI or cost efficiencies and increased access to information are the top benefit.


          According to Gartner, the cloud market is expected to grow 25% year over year.

          Big Data

          By harnessing big data through analytics, businesses experience several benefits that are key to businesses’ success.

          The biggest benefit, according to 26% is better information and greater operational efficiency. 
          The second most valued benefit of big data is remaining competitive (24%).


          There are some great charts in the SAP article to review. How is your company leveraging these technologies to drive innovation and revenue?