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    Number of Issues I need answers to please.


      Hi, first of all, I quite like the new format but it's brought with it a number of frustrating issues, some clearly bugs, some functional, some which make it less productive than before.


      I would rather have sent this privately, but there seems to be no support mechanism any more, ticket system , email (nobody answers it) etc.




      1) My primary issue is this.


      When I was migrated, it's created multiple "networks", for some reason, one of my primary projects has been placed in a network on it's own, which I now have to switch to every time , the rest of the projects are in the other network.


      I've explained this in this short video here, please advise


      2013-05-31_1415 - Midas3's library   <watch screencast video to show the issue.


      I've also laid out some other issues, which are bugging me along with what seems to be a major security issue as well whereby a client who's on one of my projects can actually see all the "peoeple" showing in my account!!!



      EDIT< found more issues.


      Please watch this second video here:


      http://screencast.com/t/xaYYkUXsrOx  <watch screencast video to show the second bunch of issues.


      I can't even select the person who's task it is, they don't appear in the drop down, and even worse when I click on the person in PEOPLE< it's trying to place the task in somebody entirely differents projects list.


      Can I please get some assistance with this mess.


      Please advise.






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          Oh, also, it would be handy if you could "order" the projects in the list, or it be smart enough to move the most used to the top.


          And please make the "remember my login details" actually work.

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            Hi Simon,


            1) I understand that having a few networks in your account is not comfortable and we promise to bring the ability to move in other networks soon.

            Do not worry, even if you client can see other people's name he will never be able to access to the task inside the projects he is not part of. We will release tool to deal with your people soon.


            2/I think there is a little misunderstood on the program here. The first list is the list of the people in you company. You can invite people, assign tasks to people... The second task is the list of your projects, like Marketing Campaign, Summer Sales... Since there is several persons in one project you can naturally assign a task from a project to different person.


            Let me know if you need any more help.

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                Thanks Bruno, this helps partially but doesn't solve key issues or explain numerous problems I mentioned.


                Perhaps if I list them out one by one here so we can nail this down. I will list the in order of importance.


                1. You stated above , re networks, that soon we can move projects from one network to another - correct, is that what you're saying. Do you know when this will arrive, it's incredibly frustrating and not productive at all to have to make 4-5 mouse clicks and movements to do what I could achieve in 1 second previously. Can you guys not do this at your end by logging into my account and doing it manually at your end?


                2. I'm not confused over projects and people. I simply name my projects often by the contractor who is looking after them, I understand entirely why you've provided the functionality for people to select via people, I simply don't need it as each of my projects is focussed on one specific contractor.. so for example you see :


                Gary Bristow is the name given to the "project" as all the tasks for him are in that project. Producteev is used in different ways by different folks to suit their purposes, this works for me.


                The problem as you can see from the 2nd video is that I can't actually select Gary from the list of available drop down people to pass the task to him, he does not appear in the list, this needs to be fixed ASAP, I can't assign a task to Gary in that project any more, please advise. This is explained in the video.


                Please watch this video again 2013-05-31_1914 - Midas3's library


                I need to know how to select Gary the person to a task in that project ASAP, this was so simple and fluid before.


                3. I understand your point about it saying "task will be created in Ben-Miva" but it's annoying for the way I use it. if I select Gary-Bristow in People, and try to create a task it shoudn't default to the first alphabetical listing in Projects, it shoudl default to the Project where the tasks are for that "people" , I can live with it, but it's annoying.


                4. You mentioned it's ok for my client to see all the people I work with. Honestly, actually it's not. There are many cases where confidentiality is important. I can't fathom why you have made it so any client can see all the other people you work with , this is crazy. I understand they can't view the tasks but even seeing all the people I work with has problems connected to it and is not acceptable. I can't see a single reason anybody would want random people to see every other person who I work with , it's a problem, is there an ETA on the fix? It's very unprofessional, and confusing for my clients to see all my sub-contractors for obvious reasons. I simply don't want them to be able to see all the people I work with.


                5. Will tags be fixed or do we have to manually fix them all?


                6. Will you make it possible to collapse "people" and "projects", I want to see all my projects WITHOUT having to scroll through them, collapsing "people" or at least the ability to move "projects" to the top or something would help.


                7. It's now very annoyingly not possible to link directly to a project which you could before, please bring this function back. I used to have a folder within my browser bookmark bar with each project in it, I could be in a project scanning tasks in under 1 second, now I have : Click on Producteev, click on network, scroll down to projects, scroll through projects, click on the project --- arrghh - all of which have a loading time delay etc. I loved producteev for how quickly I could work, this has just slowed me right down, killed my productivity.


                8. You can't now link to a task, you used to have a little "link" button which let me get a hyperlink for a task I could then pass on to people. I guess we can cut and paste from the browser window but it's a bit ghetto, can we bring it back?

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                    Could I get special attention on point (2) .


                    Right now, I can't assign as a task to "Gary Bristow" he just doesn't appear in the drop down at all.

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                      Hi Simon,


                      1/We unfortunately cannot do this work manually for all our users but this feature will be finished soon. I understand your frustration.


                      2/By default your migrated projects are "private": only a couple of persons you defined can access to those projects. You can modify this setting or the list of authorized user right here and here


                      4/ Actually I have to admit that the way you use Producteev is a little uncommon. A network is designed to be place the central collaboration for all the employees in a company. In your I would suggest to create different workspaces for each sub-contractors.


                      5/Tags will stay at the network level since it was one of the biggest request from our users on the previous version.


                      6-7-8/ This in not in the plan but we will consider your suggestion.


                      Thank you for your time Simon!

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                          Hi Bruno,


                          2) This is the problem, I keep trying to explain and have shown in the video. THe person I want to let see the project does NOT appear in the drop down to select him.

                          I have found another way around this but while all the other people appear in a drop down, he does not .


                          4) We have still not resolved in any way the fact contractors can see other "people" , ie all my other contractors when they login, I don't want to have to create 12 workspaces. This wasn't an issue before, it's beyond frustrating people can now do this.