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    Straw poll - thoughts regarding new software release.

      Look at my comments and you'll see that the replacement software has left me non-plussed, but I'm curious as to the overall view of people in the community. How many people have left, are considering leaving, or are going to stick it out and see if things improve? And, for completeness, does anybody think this is a genuine upgrade?


      Since the Producteev team never asked us, why don't we tell them in the comments?


      1. I'm very happy with the upgrade - all features I use regularly are there, and it makes me more productive
      2. I'm happy with the upgrade - there might be some teething issues to deal with, but it doesn't impact my workflow too much
      3. I'm on the fence about the upgrade - I see the potential but there are things to sort out before I am back to being happy
      4. I'm unhappy about the upgrade - there are plenty of issues which cause me challenges, and I'm considering leaving for another collaborative task manager
      5. I'm very unhappy about the upgrade - key features are no longer available, and/or I do not have faith in the company due to the way the implementation was managed. I am / have left for another tool
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          5. I'm very unhappy about the upgrade.


          I cannot work without offline mode, a feature that has been discontinued with no warning and will not be making a comeback. Wunderlist Pro for me

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            I'm at 4 - considering leaving.


            • offline mode
            • manage networks
            • trust in data (why can't my colleague see tasks assigned to her any more?)
            • migration from my personal email to my corporate email (now I have two accounts how is this going to work?)


            I'm essentially giving it 3 more weeks.

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              4 - very unhappy.


              • offline mode
              • android app is unreliable (constant I/O Exceptions)
              • android app is slow
              • natural language doesn't work
              • email to task doesnt work
              • labels have become universalized
              • have to type label name when creating task
              • infrequent updates and radio silence from producteev stafff
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                I'm at 5.  I'm very unhappy with the Producteev update, and am leaving.  I spent the last 2 or 3 hours just trying to find some help on features and how-to's to use the new Producteev 6.0.2 app on the iPhone.  Since the product changed so drastically, it would've been very helpful to have a how-to document available to mobile users.  In the old app, I could adjust various settings on a task with buttons and selections as well as using the embedded text shortcuts when I was creating a task.  That meant that I could use Producteev the way that *I* preferred.  Now it seems that I can only use the embedded text shortcuts during text creation.  If I don't use shortcuts while creating the task, then I have to search for the task, open it up, and adjust the settings.


                I was so upset with the new version of the app that had already left.  I started using Astrid, and L*O*V*E*D it, but then Yahoo acquired Astrid and is shutting it down.  I think they paid $30 million dollars just to get rid of it.  So for now...I have very reluctantly returned to Producteev, but I am actively seeking a replacement for it.  I've heard a lot of good things about Toodledo, but there is no free version on the iPhone, so I may have to purchase the app just to see if I like it.  That sucks.  At least I never had to pay for the Producteev app just to find out that it's garbage.



                After posting my position on the upgrade (downgrade) the other day, I have since bought Toodledo and tried several other iPhone task managers.  I hated to buy the Toodledo app just to find out if I liked it, but I had talked to someone who is a loyal Toodledo user.  So what the heck, I bought it.  I tried it, but it seems too complex for my feeble mind.  Then I tried Wunderlist, and so far, I really like it!  I think that Wunderlist is going to be my Producteev replacement.



                I really like Wunderlist, though it has many short-comings, but I've determined that none of the task managers out there will ever have all the features that I'm looking for.  Although Wunderlist has a clean, attractive interface, it's not easy or intuitive to assign a task to a particular folder.  You have to filter by the folder, and then create the task while viewing that folder in order for it to become part of that group.  But after creating a task, it can be moved to the correct folder.  Just touch "Edit" at the top of the screen, select the task(s) to be moved, and then select the new folder for the tasks.  And it's very easy to mail a list of tasks to someone or to yourself to print later.  If you are viewing your Wunderlist tasks from a browser, then you can print a list of tasks directly to the printer.  The repeating due date and repeating task interface could be greatly improved; I'd rather see a calendar to select my due date instead of spinning wheels, and the repeating task interface is too simplistic.  The best repeating task selection interface is in "Orchestra".  You can select a task to repeat at a certain interval of days, certain days of the week, monthly with all the usual combinations (well, you'd just have to see it for yourself).  It's a masterpiece.  If Wunderlist could take the repeating task interface from Orchestra and place it into their iPhone app, then Wunderlist would be well on its way to greatness.  One last note about Wunderlist; you can have only 1 registered email address at a time to mail yourself tasks, unlike Orchestra, where you can have any number of registered email addresses.

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                  5 for me.  I am a web designer/developer and I was appalled by the way they handled the transition.  Paying and non-paying customers (all very loyal) were without access for several business days without warning.  Things did not work or were moved without any prepared documentation to show people where to find things once they got in (these were not provided until later and were largely incomplete).  Furthermore, their "upgrade" was a downgrade.  So much functionality was gone that I was forced to find another software.  I could not and would not wait 6 months to a year to get all the functionality I needed back.  I knew it would not be a fast process because I know what goes into that kind of work. I have been cruising the forum here to check on their progress and they are moving but slowly (as I would expect - it's a lot of work).  Most of the stuff I need and use still has not been fixed/re-added yet.  They should not have switched people over until they could get all the original functionality working again, at least, not without polling their customers first.  Furthermore, they presented this forum as a help desk kind of thing and yet I have seen many posts left completely unanswered.


                  Needless to say, I researched and within a week or two I was by hand switching all of my stuff over to Asana (since Producteev conveniently removed exporting).  It was the closest to the previous version of Producteev that I could get.  Now I am just waiting until Producteev has exporting back so that I can get a backup of all my old completed tasks before I remove my account.


                  I am really sad that I had to switch.  The original Producteev was the best task managing software I had ever used.

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                      How's Asana on (1) Natural Language (2) Mobile app?


                      Producteev's mobile app is excrutiating to use - it's really appalling. The web app is coming along indeed extremely slowly though yes it's coming along. Honestly if I could find a halfway decent program I would quickly jump ship. I've never experienced a situation where a wildly effective program was completely torpedoed in such a jaw dropping way.

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                          I could be wrong but I don't think Asana uses Natural Language processing for adding/editing tasks.  I never used that feature in Producteev so it was never really important to me.  Instead, Asana has a lot of keyboard shortcuts built in to allow you to move around the interface and perform actions without really needing to click everywhere.  Since I primarily use my desktop that works just fine for me.  I don't often use the Mobile app (with the exception of adding or viewing a task) so I am not really sure how well it performs.  I do know that it is basically an app that displays a mobile webpage so you must have Internet access to view it. 


                          Asana has free and paid accounts just like Producteev used to.  I just ended up getting a free account and testing it out for a few days to see if I liked it and I did.

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                        2. I'm happy with the upgrade - there might be some teething issues to deal with, but it doesn't impact my workflow too much


                        I was not at all pleased with how the upgrade was handled. I had no idea that it was coming - received no notifications, no email, nothing. I just logged on one day and everything was completely different. And there was no guide/walkthrough/tutorial. I very seriously considered leaving, because I was having trouble finding all the features I had become used to.


                        However, now that I've had time to adjust, I find that I prefer the new version. I think the layout is more attractive and easier to work with. I love that I have an extra level in the breakdown (multiple networks, with multiple projects, with multiple tasks) - it helps me organize better. I am rarely without a connection, so no offline mode does not affect me. The only features I really want at this point is integration with Google Calendars and some way to export my projects and tasks.

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                          4 - unhappy with the upgrade, finally considering leaving.


                          The old version of Producteev was awesome, and totally worth the $20/month our office was paying for the pro version. This version? Welp. I've been sticking it out, in hopes that they'll get it back to its former glory, because it was just that good. Sheesh, I went so far as to teach myself basic CSS on the fly, just to cobble together a fix so that my office could print, and thus could stay with Producteev a little longer while they ironed out the kinks. I finally believe what was evidently canonically confirmed, though, that this really isn't the same app as it was, nor is it intended to be. The fact that they have no intention of bringing back NLP capabilities for setting absolute due dates is what really made it, for me. (We're a law office - absolute due dates are much of what we *do*.) It's a small thing, really, but sort of the straw that broke the camel's back, as it were.


                          Y'know, I really do get that they're a pretty small team, and that time spent communicating with the users is time not spent working on fixing things, but if you can't keep your users at least marginally happy, it sort of makes the code side a moot point. The communication with the users - even just something going 'heads up, everything's about to change' - was nonexistent around the transition, and... well, the support side of things has been hashed out before. I would honestly be curious to know why they did things the way they did, but that's really not the point here. (Okay, except to say "why have they not fixed printing yet when my ugly hackish solution took all of twenty lines of CSS, literally half of which is fixing the silly way they did nonprinting color-only priority stars.")


                          I'm not actually leaving yet, in part because I don't want to have to transition and deal with my office's learning curve until it's something I'm pretty happy with, but I'm starting to look seriously. Has anyone found something that rivals Producteev-that-was? I really like(d) the NLP, and it was a major selling point for me. We've tried and rejected Asana and Intervals, and the two minutes I spent looking at Wunderlist just now didn't particularly grab me (also, no NLP capability that I see). Thoughts?
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                            Try Trello at trello.com, I just discovered it and seems cool for task management and other organizing.  Appears simple but does a lot.