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    What do you want to know about Gamification?


      Jive gamification guru Curtis Gross will be flying down from Portland to join our Next User Group Event - June 19th. He can chat for as long we want him to, on all aspects of gamification, however, we want to make this discussion as relevant and as meaningful to you.


      *Please share with us*

      1. Have you rolled out Gamification or do you plan to in the near future?
      2. If you have implemented it, would you like to volunteer some best practices or lessons learned? (simply reply yes with a comment on any specifics)
      3. What sub-topic(s) are you more interested in discussing?
        • Current state of Jive gamification
        • Sounds strategies for your company
        • Roadmap for future
        • Gamification module demo
      4. What specific questions do you have on gamification?


      If you are new to gamification, please listen to this 10-minute overview about the module. Perhaps you will want to learn why companies deploy this and if it's truly effective or not.


      Look forward to hearing from my fellow Jivers.

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          1. We have not rolled it out. Still deciding whether we will.
          2. --
          3. I'm interested in all of those. Strategies is what I am most interested in.
          4. I am most interested in gamification not for the onboarding within Jive, but for custom missions and expanding to other areas of the business. For example, could badges be created for completing Disney University training courses? For recognizing particpants in hack-athons or volunteer events? I am really interested in whether anyone else is already using gamification for non-onboarding purposes, what those are, and how they've done it. I think this is where the real value is, but as far as I know, Jive isn't promoting it that way and no one is doing this yet.
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              Great input! We'll make sure to address those. Meanwhile, if anyone in the community has some responses - please do feel free to respond to Jennifer.

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                Megan Truett

                Hi Jennifer --


                Custom missions can be quite powerful. Funny you mentioned volunteering because we used the custom missions to drive a Heroes Week event at Bridgepoint and it was a great success! It was really effective at getting people thinking about volunteering, sharing stories, and promoting the Heroes Week events held "offline" in different communities at the end of the week (Heroes Day: Volunteering at San Diego River Garden - YouTube).

                Most recently, we used it to promote awareness of a new school we opened, giving people a badge for sharing their new space in our internal instance. Awarded them for doing the promotion for them

                You are limited to the trackable actions in the system (so not sure if it can track training course completion), but there is always the option to manually award missions/badges to users -- just more of a process. I would think with the strong branding Disney has you could do some amazing custom missions.


                If you want to chat, just let me know!