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    Finding the right expert in Jive





      Interested if anyone else has encountered some of requirements we have run into recently and how others have solved them with the Jive platform.


      As we look at the next generation of social systems, we run into some limitations.


      The first is how can a question be directed to the right set of experts?


      If a question is typed in, we are looking to be able to have a more capable recommendation engine that intuitively learns from a person's profile/expertise level and specialities, what people have posted and answered in the past ( not in the context of a specific group). Jive Genius does not really have this level of sophistication.  Starmind  has some additional concepts that look very interesting (https://www.starmind.com/ )


      Has anyone else encountered the same issue or stumbled into the need for greater initiative logic in Jive Genius? 


      The second part is around being able to post anonymous question but still traceable by admins to an authenticated individual.


      Lastly, being the need in providing much more tailored and specific intuitive graphical front end to find the right answer or expert.



      Any insight in these 3 related things would be really useful.




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          Ryan Rutan

          Very interesting question.  I know that the secret sauce of connecting content/people/places together in a "just in time" fashion is definitely where we are trying to go.  With the advancements in Jive 6 behind social search, the platform has been laid (IMO) to start diving deeper into these use-cases.


          Might be worthwhile to get Nigel Daley clara.liang and josh.richau to comment on this thread from a product perspective, and how they see us addressing this use-case moving forward.


          As for the second part, I know that you are able to create anonymous content in Jive ... but it is more of a function of people who have no login ... more so than people with logins that choose not to use it.  Have you seen the experience?  In short, users must enter a name and email with every interaction.  Admins see this information, but not the community (last time I checked).


          As for the third part, definitely a lot of ties here with #1, but me personally ... we leverage the Thrive on Jive experience as an on-boarding tool to help people express interest and be recommended various people/places/content.  Is this what you are talking about, or are you looking for something more slice/dice interactive and real-time?


          Just thought I'd respond to the question, and we'll see if we can get some of our other customers to share their thoughts. =) 

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              The challenge on the second part (Anonymous posting) is typically in an enterprise environment Jive will be integrated with an SSO system - so there is no concept of an anonymous user. Would be great if Jive allowed users to post new questions anonymously (Could be implemented via an additional option, Post Anoymous button, or a configuration option for a community/space/group)

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              At Northwestern University, we have built "signals" into our Jive profiles. Members of our community (students, alumni, faculty, staff) can enter their areas of expertise on their profile. We have added these signals to our search so if a faculty member is looking for entrepreneurs in nanotechnology, they are able to do so via these signals and tags that our members have self-selected on their profiles.


              In our spaces, we are planning on featuring our champions and advocates via featured content, tagged content, and featured user widgets with the headline - ask Bob about XYZ expertise. Our goal has been to stretch the UX on the Jive product and feature content that targets our audience. Although Jive Genius is not widgetized, we'd love to see something like this in Jive 7.


              We are excited about the Jive Genius capabilities in Jive 6 and going into Jive 7 - we'd like to see some of the same intuitive logic that you desire. Until then, our community is excited to connect the dots through our design and also our extensive customizations to the profile and search.

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                Awesome discussion!  Love Kristen Corpolongo's tips on building signals into the system to constantly improve the information available to be found.  I can assure you that Jive is absolutely focused on a few different themes you've hit on:

                1. Search relevance & intelligence is always being tuned -- josh.richau (on vacation for a few days) can elaborate, but you'll actually see marked improvements in searching for experts, terms, and people in the 6.0 and 7.0 product lines.
                2. Expertise specifically -- Curtis Gross from my team is leading some thinking around people, profiles, and expertise.  It may make sense for you & Curtis to connect directly on some thoughts, but we are very interested in building upon the explicit and implicit information we have within the system to better recommend people/content/places in the right context throughout the app.  We'd be happy to share some early brainstorming if you're interested in a chat.
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                  I understand your issues Pete,


                  Even with all the great people and information in our Jive instance it's still extremely difficult to get the right people to answer your questions. In fact I frequently find it a major short coming of the Jive Community - trying to actually get an answer to a question.


                  Often the only way to even get your question noticed (if you were lucky enough to post it in the right place) is to @mention someone you know.  That puts a lot of pressure on the few people (like Ryan) that everyone knows!


                  I don't want to have to trawl through loads of profiles, or content, or find the right area to post my question in on the off-chance that someone who knows the answer will see it.  Indeed I might not necessarily even know what areas of expertise I need.  I just simply want to ask the question, and it get directed to the right person(s)! 


                  I've had a look at Starmind, it looks a really great product, certainly solving all those issues.  The ideal solution would be some sort of integration with Jive.  I think Starmind do support this on some level, but it would be great if the two products were more seamless. We put our investigations on hold while we launched, but it might be worth another look at it now we have most of our users on board.


                  Maybe Jive would like to take a look at Starmind in more detail.

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                    What about points? In our SAP community we have spaces for each topic and the points that people accrue in these spaces show a certain level of expertise. I know it's not a perfect metric and people cheat for points, but people accrue points for each contribution they make, and the feedback that the community gives. With gamification now you can set up missions for specific spaces only, and assign a "social media professional", "analytics associate" etc badge. We would then display a community-wide leaderboard with a search engine where you look for these people with the most points in a topic, a badge in a space, etc.


                    Another idea I have is to give more weight to community members who have verified expertise: whatever feedback they give on content (like, 5-star rating, etc) would be worth more than a regular member's feedback, and this would go towards more points to the author or even better, a reputation score. Having distinguished and influential members of the community validate someone's expertise could be powerful. Then all you need to do is to represent this information with a good search engine.



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                      Hi Pete,

                        We had the same issue with connecting people to experts when I worked at Bridgepoint. We had a large use case where we wanted to connect our sales team, who were talking to potential students, to experts who could answer some of the toughest questions. What we did was build specific spaces for an "Ask the  _____ Expert" section. Each expert(s) had their own space, based on the topic. We then ensured we recruited the "Experts" and ensured we trained them on how to use the platform. We used the Jive for Outlook module, so they could actually just answer questions from Outlook and our average response time was less than 24 hours. This also built a database for anyone else looking for the same information. This has worked really well.


                      The other part, that became a bonus, was that some of our Experts were fairly high in the company, Directors and VPs. Normally they would never answer questions from our sales force, but since it was so easy, they like being able to give a correct answer. We even saw some policy change happen. Megan Truett can give more info. Hope this helps.




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                        Pete -

                        Interested in the second part of your question - anonymous posting. Did you receive any additional information not captured here? This would be for an internal only instance of Jive, where EVERYONE is tied to a corporate email address, but we're looking at setting up a 'suggestion box' area where people can comment without fear of ....not sure what they are afraid of, but there ya go.

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                          On the topic of finding experts, this is a very challenging topic, one which has not really been solved yet.  Part of the problem is that we all have different needs and therefore have different understandings of what an expert is.  While the biggest brain in your company may have the knowledge you seek, this may not be the person you really want.  I wrote a blog a couple years ago on this particular topic, Finding the right person within your organization, in which I outline 7 variables which ultimately determine a person's expertise.


                          Trustworthiness: This is a measure of a person’s connectedness within a social network. Connecting with individuals is an expression of trust. For example, connecting or following people on a website is an explicit connection. Comments or likes on a blog or forum post are implicit relationships. This data is used to compute a person’s connectedness, which in turn infers the level of trustworthiness.


                          Extent of Knowledge: exhibited by the quantity of content contributed by a person on a given topic relative to the rest of the community population.


                          Communications Skills: a composite measure of grammatical correctness of all published content and total number of internal and external speaking engagements.


                          Willingness to Help: a composite measure of the total number of contributions, including posts, comments, and ratings, and the organizational closeness of the expert to the person seeking an expert.


                          Experience: a measure of the total time of postings and projects on a given topic.


                          Currency of Knowledge: a measure of the most recent postings on a given topic.


                          Awareness of Other Resources: a composite measure of connectedness within and outside of the organization and the number of systems / communities to which a person contributes content and participates as a member.


                          The challenges here are: 1) capturing all of the inputs to these variables; and 2) delivering applications that work for the target user (i.e. Sales Exec).

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                            I found that 1 year old post and as we are looking at Stramind too I would be interested in any insight.

                            We are still using Jive 6 - yet I have the impression that one major difference with Starmind is that questions (anonymous) are "pushed" to experts by the system.

                            Does anyone have investigated this further?

                            Is there an equivalent functionality planned in Jive roadmaps. 

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                                John Schwiller

                                The idea of pushing questions to system-known experts reminds of a WP I read a few years ago (2009?) when Oracle tried to launch Beehive, its 4th (!!) attempt at collaboration - I had seen some of the earlier attempts and this post is reminding me of some excruciating sales sessions I had to sit through.


                                They had acquired Tacit Software and the WP was all about how the organization owned everything that employees did and had the right to push questions at people and 'require them to answer'. The idea that employees might want to choose to help others, possibly in a situation where they where being altruistic and offering to help colleagues because they chose to, when this might have been outside of their measurement and rewards system, seemed to completely pass the author by, it was all about organization efficiency. A later sales meeting with the Beehive VP remains memorable for the answer to one of our questions which went "Larry couldn't give a crap about...xxxx" when we asked about xxxx.


                                I'm not suggesting that Jive couldn't be better than it is, but at least it is coming from, IMO, a human-centred direction rather than treating employees as machines as Oracle was touting at the time.