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    How is your Jive team set up?

      How big is your Jive team for your internal instance? Beyond the ever-prestigious ICM, do you have other folks dedicated or semi-dedicated to supporting your internal community? Trying to get an idea about how other teams are set up. Also curious what department owns your instance. Thanks in advance!

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          I'm community manager (the only full time person) & I sit as part of internal corporate communications.  We have an IT analyst for some support (who is an analyst supporting many other systems), an IT project manager (handles upgrades and enhancements) but also works other projects.  Then unofficially our advocates/power users do a lot of teaching in the moment or answering questions within the community.


          Updated:  our community is 72k employees

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            HI Megan, we are servicing an audience of about 55k with an internal-only, on prem instance. We are in the IT department. Ours is set up like this:


            Core team dedicated to our Jive platform:

            BSA (business systems analyst)

            ECM (internal enterprise community manager)

            Platform Manager

            Developer Lead

            + 2 Developer resources dedicated to platform

            Change Management Lead


            Additional players:

            Level1/2/3 support for the platform (part of a larger enterprise group)

            Hardware/infrastructure/database support teams


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              Me, myself, and I.  :-)  A little joke that is only half serious.


              • I am the only "full time" resource dedicated to our Jive instance. In truth, it is only part of my overall responsiblity, hence the quotes
              • There is another resource dedicated to Jive part time. 
              • We have a non-dedicated IT Team that supports this and a whole host of applications
              • I am part of our Internal Innovations team (we use our platform for online brainstorming)


              I'm jealous of Melissa Rosen and her setup. Dedicated developers!

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                We have 45k (15k registered) employees and have an internal-only instance hosted on premise. Currently, IT owns the application, however this may change to Corp Comm in the future.


                • Business - IT Manager
                  • Enterprise Community Manager - 100% of time
                    • There are 3 community advocates which support employees in their department. (10% of their time)
                      • This structure was developed for easy scaling. As we rollout to more business units, we identify a community advocate who works with the ECM to support those employees.
                • Technical Manager
                  • System Admin - 50% of time (I think)
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                  We are 5 years into our internal Jive community, supporting about 5500 people, and we now have four full-time staff supporting it. We started with the me, myself and I model (as Brad said above), and after a year and a half added a second full-time person to take care of the technology side of things. We are hosted by Jive, but learned that does not mean you don't have to manage the technology or the Jive Support relationship. After another year, we added a full-time community manager in China, which successfully addressed the struggles we had in gaining traction there. After another year, we added another technology support role, as the original technology role had grown into a strategic one, in response to the growing complexity of Jive's technology offerings and integration capabilities.


                  We have plans to grow a Centre of Excellence to better support the community, but I expect much of that team will be borrowed from existing roles in the organization, as we work to further embed the community in the way the company does business and get the business to do more to support it.

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                    Hi Megan -


                    Savills plc is a global real estate services provider listed on the London Stock Exchange. We have an international network of more than 500 offices and associates throughout the Americas, the UK, continental Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, offering a broad range of specialist advisory, management and transactional services to clients all over the world.

                    In the UK - we number 3,503, Europe, 817, Asia 20,657, US 39.


                    The internal communication function (myself 100% and a colleague 50%) own the instance, and are responsible for the overall global strategy.

                    We then have country community managers, based on those who managed legacy instances of intranets - Australia, Ireland, Germany. (jive is part of their role, not their entire remit)

                    Within the company communities, we have sub-spaces for our support functions, such as Marketing, HR, Research, Finance, etc.  These are managed by the teams themselves.


                    We also have support for end-users from our IT help desks, and for community support - rely on Jive support.

                    Kind Regards,

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                      I'm in the same boat as Brad Fitzgerald ... well almost.


                      I'm a part of the IT department and the Community Manager for about ~3k university staff, then we have 2 part time Academic Community Managers who monitor and assist our ~5k adjunct faculty members, but this job isn't their priority.  So, I'm basically the IT-Girl for our 8k global user community.   Though I do have about 80 community advocates around the university and they are mostly the content owners for their respective, official university departments.


                      I have one part-time UI guy who does our themes, badges and the occasional banner.  I have a couple of system admins, but they've been tasked to other projects, so it's like I don't have them unless I desperately need them.


                      What's left is me and my boss who is the business owner of our internal platform.  We also have the support of our CIO and VP of IT and they are awesome and vocal champions for us.


                      We are just about to move to the cloud version of Jive.  Cannot wait... I'd like to not have to worry about manual upgrades anymore and benefit from all the new features when they come out.