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    issue with people tab


      i found one issue with People tab in community. Here are the steps to reproduce it


      1. Login and go to any community

      2. Go to People tab to see the community users

      3. Go to the last page - This may be big list so go till end one by one (there is no "last" link )

      4. Open profile of last user

      5. Follow that user

      6. Hit back button from browser


      The empty page will come saying there are no results on this page.


      I am not sure how to report it as support case. This may be already reported bug, if so please tell so i can remove this question

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          Hi Amit,


          You should have access to your company's support group. You'll want to report this as a case there. You can access your support community by going to Links > Customer Support as seen below in this screenshot.


          issue with people tab   Jive Community.png


          Hope this helps.




          Account Support