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    Jive Apps Refreshing Multiple Times


      I am having an intermittent refreshing problem using apps on Jive 6.  This occurs both with apps that I've written, as well as apps that are installed from the Market.  For example, it will occur with the simple RSS app in the Market, and for all users.


      The symptom is that when selecting an app from the Quick Launcher, I will get a page with the the name of the app, and a vertical line across the top of the page beneath the app name, but the rest of the page is blank, and then the page will refresh and do the same thing.  This will sometimes happen multiple times, and the page will keep refreshing and refreshing and refreshing, but never displaying anything other than the name of the app an a vertical line.  Sometimes, after one or a few refreshes, the app will eventually display.  And sometimes the app will display the first time.  And I will see different experiences with the same app, e.g., sometimes the same app will display the first time, sometimes it will refresh 3 - 4 times and then display correctly, or sometimes it will keep refreshing 10 or more times and never display the app.  And I have seen this with multiple users, and is not affected by removing and then re-installing the app.


      I don't believe it is a firewall issue, because I have seen this with the firewall disabled on either the server or the client machine.  Also, since it works sometimes while the firewall is running, that would tend to indicate it wasn't related to some port being blocked.


      Also, FWIW, I have not seen this problem when using the browser on the Jive server itself.  However, using a browser on another machine using the exact same URL and apps, I have seen the problem intermittently.


      Has anyone else experience this?  Any ideas?