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    Labels not completly deleted


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      Bug Details

      Short description:

      - Migrated labels are not completely deleted


      Long description:

      Yesterday I tried to get rid of duplicated labels from migration process doing the following steps:


      - E.g. three duplicate duplicate labels '@shop' became '@shop1', '@shop2', '@shop3' and so on.

      - Creation of a new label '@shop'

      - Mass adding label '@shop' to all tasks with '@shop1', '@shop2', '@shop3' and so on

      - Then I deleted the old labels '@shop1', '@shop2', '@shop3' ...



      Though the labels are deleted and cannot be found in filter / search (see example screenshot) the labels are still added to the tasks.

      This is reproduce able to at least all migrated labels on different computers and even after logout and login.


      Also strange is, that you can delete the labels again in every task details once, before they really disappear.


      Bruno Correia Please let me know if you need further details to figure this out.






      Please attach any supporting materials, such as screenshots.Bild1.png