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    Changing the formulation for "Abuse Report" button




      I hope this is the correct form and place to ask this question.


      Is it possible to change the wording for "Abuse Report" button? If yes, does it require customization or can be changed easily from the Admin console?




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          Hey Oxana,


          If you want to replace the wording, you can do so using phrase substitution (see http://www.jivesoftware.com/support/documentation/) in a custom theme. You will need to use the i18n file to get the proper keys.You will need to modify the keys for each type of content as well. Here are the defaults with "report abuse" in them:

          forum.thrd.abuse.link = Report Abuse

          doc.report_abuse.link = Report abuse


          # Report Abuse



          abuse.additionalComments.gtitle = Additional Comments?

          abuse.already_reported.text = We have already received an abuse report for this message. Thank you.

          abuse.reasonUAreReporting.text = What is the primary reason you are reporting this message as abusive?

          abuse.report_abuse.title = Report Abuse

          abuse.report_abuse.button = Report Abuse

          abuse.report_abuse.link = Report abuse

          abuse.report_abuse.comment_size_error.text = Abuse comments are limited to 255 characters.

          abuse.reported.text = Your abuse report has been received and will be reviewed shortly. Thank you.

          abuse.reported_abuse.listitem = Reported Abuse

          abuse.type.general_abuse.text = General Abuse

          abuse.type.profanity.text = Profanity

          abuse.type.explicitContent.text = Explicit Content

          abuse.type.impersonation.text = Impersonation

          abuse.type.harassment.text = Harassment

          abuse.type.slander.text = Slander

          abuse.type.racial.text = Racial Abuse

          abuse.type.religious.text = Religious Abuse

          abuse.type.spam.text = Spam

          abuse.type.private_info.text = Private Information

          abuse.use_form_to_report.text = Use the form below to report abuse for this message


          Let me know if there are any other questions.