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    Move Content / Move Points


      In our community, we have the need to move content frequently. Unfortunately, the points received for creating the content and receiving ratings, likes, etc. do not move with the content. This is a big issue for us because merging spaces (which we need to do regularly) the points don't stay with the content either.


      In the end, moving or merging negatively impacts the leaderboards at the space level. So if a member posted a blog in space A and a moderator determines it should move to space B, any points earned that are related to create a blog, receive a rating, receive likes, etc. stay in space A. But the person's topic is in space B.


      We use the leaderboards to determine the experts in particular topics. We recognize them formally at events. The community pays attention to the leaderboards and we frequently are contacted when someone shows as a leader in a topic, when he/she is not.


      Are there any suggestions for how we can handle this? Is there something that can be done with the gamification module that can attach points to content?


      It would be great if the gamification module were to include this capability.