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    how to intigrate badgeville to jive

      Dear all,


      how to intigrate badgeville for jive.

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          Hi Santosh,


          There are a couple of options in terms of integrating Badgeville with Jive. 


          The first method involves using the Jive SDK that Badgeville offers.  There is a framework of transformer classes that add on to simple actions such as avatar, user, message, thread manipulation and call Badgeville upon completing those actions within Jive.  The toolkit itself includes a reference integration of Badgeville with Jive and has a half dozen behaviors that can be altered or expanded upon.  All visualizations are completed with Badgeville's JS widgets such as leaderboards, activity streams, etc by modifying themes and Jive's HTML widgets.


          The other option of integrating Badgeville with Jive would be similar to the aforementioned Jive SDK.  All actions taken within Jive would have to call Badgeville subsequently (so similar "transformer" classes must be written).  However, instead of using the toolkit, you can call your own HTTP request/response class and use Badgeville's RESTful APIs.  The visualization part can also leverage Badgeville's widgets or the visualizations can be completely customized by pulling information necessary from the REST APIs and displaying data as necessary.