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    Seeking input: "Social Collaboration for Dummies" book project


      Social Collaboration for Dummies

      This is a progress report, as well as a request for help with research, on my Social Collaboration for Dummies book project. Wiley has the book scheduled for publication in November 2013, and I’m pushing to complete a first draft. The book draws on my research for InformationWeek Social Business (formerly known as The BrainYard) and my work as social business track chair for UBM’s E2 Conference, as well as additional research I’m doing right now. I've already received help from several members of this community. If I do my job right, the book could be a resource for you to give to managers and influencers within your own organizations.


      In particular, I’m looking for good input on the chapters about using social collaboration  to achieve the goals of Human Resources (training, corporate culture, more productive and engaged workforce) and sales teams (sharing information about prospects, producing better proposals more quickly). Suggestions for other chapters, such as “10 Ways To Make Social Collaboration Pay Off” also welcome.

      I’ve completed about 50% of the first draft copy, but here are the sections I’m still working on.

      Part 1: Making Friends With Social Collaboration

      Chapter 3: Putting Social Collaboration To Work – following the introductory chapters explaining basic concepts, here’s how you put social to work for your business.

      Part 2: Organizing Work With Social Collaboration

      Chapter 5: Working Your Network - how to make useful online connections within the organization.

      Chapter 8: Innovating Across the Social Network - internal crowd sourcing / brainstorming.

      Part 3: Exploring The Social Collaboration Software Market

      Guide to vendors, types of vendors, completed, at least in first draft form

      Part 4: Managing Social Collaboration

      Chapter 13: Succeeding With Social Collaboration – guidelines about how to get started and set a community up for success

      Chapter 14: Managing Successful Collaboration Communities – the need for community management and the type of moderation and guidance required for internal social networks.

      Chapter 15: Engaging External Collaborators – how to bring non-employee collabarators such as consultants and contractors into the network securely

      Part 5: Playing Your Part in a Social Business

      Chapters addressed to CEO and CIO complete

      Chapter 18: The HR Leader’s Guide to Social Collaboration - why HR leaders should take an interest in social collaboration and how they can help make it successful.

      Chapter 19: Social Collaboration for the Sales Team - why some sales teams have embraced social collaboration and how to use it productively for sales.

      Chapter 20: Social Collaboration for the Worker Bee - how all employees can contribute to making a collaboration network successful for themselves and the organization.

      Part 6: Part of Tens

      Chapter 23: 10 Ways To Make Social Collaboration Pay Off – top 10 strategies for achieving measurable success.

      If you want to see the full outline, I posted it here.