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    Feature Comparism Discussion


      As the beginning I should say, that I will stay active Producteev user and I like the idea behind the new version :-)  Ilan Abehassera and Bruno Correia please let me know if you do not want such comparison or discussion here in the community or let me know what you think.


      Due to the feedback here and annoying existing bugs I compared some popular online ToDo / Projectmanagement tools for myself. I wanted to get an overview about available and lacking features in other tools to see if Producteev further fits best in my personal GTD scheme.


      While doing this I thought about that this might be interesting for you so I post this as public.


      Please view this as beginning, because it’s not complete at all. Even there might be some faults in it.


      I would like to add things that might be important to you, also please let me know mistakes so that I can correct them.

      Feedback and any contributions are appreciated. I would also like to add further content of other tools like Nozbe or Remember the Milk to the comparism. But I do not have enough time to do this on my own.

      So please let me know.


      Picture above is available as pdf here:



      Picture is also available as editable Mindmap .mmap here:






      130607_Comparism of Online ToDo Mangement Tools.jpeg