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    (Jive 6 on-Prem) Can Sharing and Invite Data be Reported on Month/Month?


      My management is asking for a way to see if our user community is Sharing and Inviting others, and what that metric looks like month-over-month.  The theory is that we can't see how much content is being shared with others inside the system.  We have no idea if 5% or 50% of the community have performed a Share action for a specific time frame.  Or maybe we do and I'm missing it?


      Another interesting but less important metric is how many people have been invited into the community by an existing member.  The theory here is that  those who use and like the system will invite two people, then they invite two people, etc.


      Both metrics would help show the undercurrents of activity and also help to expose the amount of collaboration and membership that's being seeded from within the system itself.


      Any chance that there's a "Select count(shareAction) between DateA and DateB" capability in here somewhere?  Or maybe a "Select count(InvitesSent)..."?




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