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    All my tasks deleted ?




      Since the migration to producteev by jive, I had no more synchronization between my web account and my android's app. I looked like I had (or still have) two accounts linked with my email address or something similar.

      Today it even appears that all my web tasks disappeared as you activated my account on Jive... don't now if it could be related to it... the good point is that I have now again synchronization between my phone and the web tool... the very bad issue is that I lost ALL my tasks... a quite big loss in productivity since I also lost my notes & everything... Could you please see if my tasks are still somewhere in your database hidden in a duplicated account. My project name was still something like "workspace" from the old producteev website, I see that now in my web account the empty project name "private project" appears, but it was not created by me.


      Related to that, I wonder if you will add a way to make backups like on the old producteev website, or if there is an API to make external backups.


      Thanks you for your help.



      François Bianco

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          Ha ha ... I see it I have two networks. One empty with my new private project and an other with my taks from my previous producteev account.

          Sorry for the question. I got confused, since on all my previous login in producteev on the web I saw the old account ... and today the new, but empty one.


          I still wonder about a solution to make external backups directly from producteev or from an external API.


          Best regards,