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    Bug in Manage Files


      We're currently developing contents for a client using Jive as a global social network. The production environment is


      We got a big trouble which is caused by a possible bug. Since the client requests to build a easy-to-manage navigation menu, we try to implement it by using a HTML widget embedding a HTML file in an iframe uploaded by "Manage Files" from a "Formatted Text" widget in a same space for a fixed link (HTML widget cannot upload files in this way which is a fixed known bug in later version than 6.0.0), so that other sub-space can share the same HTML file for easier manual updating of menu items. It works like a charm at the beginning, but some time later when we switch to another computer with the same or different user account, the uploaded HTML file cannot be accessed for SOME users! A Jive's file-not-found error screen comes out. However, I can still see there's an entry in the dialog box of "Manage Files" for all users. This situation happens often even for uploading a simple image. It's very likely there's bug exists for "Manage Files". It's actually very buggy. I cannot delete files by clicking the Delete button in the dialog box but the entry seems deleted after I close the dialog box. Anyway, deletion doesn't cause big trouble, but the above problem really causes huge trouble for our space to launch shortly. Is there any workaround?


      The "Content" area is not a solution for storing our menu structure file (either HTML or XML). It can support storage of XML (it doesn't allow HTML) for us to retrieve by AJAX, but it forces versioning! Every time when we update the XML file, the file path must change! This is a ridiculous version handling methodology. Anyway, we cannot make use of this repository.


      Thanks a lot for any solution!!!