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    producteev task lists empty, spinning wheels...

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      Web, iPhone, Android, iPad, Mac


      Bug Details

      For the last half hour, our task lists have been empty (it's 3PM here in australia, actually 3:20PM... we have been sitting in our project management meeting waiting to see our tasks).


      I don't know what the problem is, but everybody is seeing it in the desktop app, the browser, etc.  No tasks.  "Spinning loading wheels".   Reload doesn't do it.  Same in Chrome.  Same in iPhone.


      We have tight deadlines and a difficult project.  Our deliverables and tasks are essential to us.  We can't be sitting around for 20 minutes discussing Friday's deliverables with blank task lists and discussions about task managers.  We have work to do, and the very hint that the tasks we've entered could be "blank" or lost has really caused management buy-in for eev to evaporate.


      While we do truly like the interface, this kind of situation is intolerable.  Maybe that's why the product is free.  I don't know. 


      If you have any advice, or reassurances, please let me know.


      Please attach any supporting materials, such as screenshots.