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    Stream of problems with peformance and tasks going missing.


      I am having a consistent, never ending stream of performance problems and it's really now effecting productivity.


      At least 5x a day now the system slows to a total halt, neither I or any of the team can view tasks, it can take 10-20 seconds for a new task list to load per project or person.


      When it does, if you click on a task it takes another 5-10 seconds for the comments to appear on the right.


      Half the time it's so slow, you can't tell if it's taken the information you typed or not.


      I have tasks just literally dissapearing, I'll be in a project with just 5 tasks, and one core task is just gone, completely gone, you can't find it at all , then the next day you log back in and it's back again. We had one yesterday drove us mad, it was our payment thread we keep all payments in, just gone, then login now and it's back.


      The old hosting/platform was so much more reliable, these performance issues are never ending, and having to swop fgrom people to tasks etc with these delays is KILLING productivity, I use the application constantly all day and it's adding an hour a day of waiting to my work, it's ridiculous. Please sort these hosting/performance issues out.


      In addition, WHY  did you remove the ability to link to an individual project or person ?


      Can we please have that back, I had it all nicely bookmarked in my browser for each project, now I have to load up TM, switch to the right "network" , switch to the right project, wait for tasks to load up.

      What is productive about that, 3 more mouse clicks and 3 mouse moves to get to what I could get to in 1 click and 1 move previously.


      I love your software guys but some of these "upgrades" are anything but.