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      I don't want to appear that I am moaning or trying to bash Producteev.  I support Producteev, in fact I really like(d) the product that's why I'm here, however it difficult to recommend a product that seems to be taking a step backwards.


      I posted the following before elsewhere, but never got a reply, although it may be in bad taste I am posting the following again (as its own discussion) in the hopes for a response:


      The blog at blog.producteev.com does not appear to have been touched in over a month (as of this writing, it appears the last update was made: Tue. April 30, 2013 @ 10:01 am)  [seems that URL is no longer valid!] and the Producteev blog was at least a week ago.


      I would like to recommend that those involved in Public/Media Relations be tasked with making daily updates.


      Many have asked for estimated dates for functionality on various features (new and old).  As wonderful that might be, that is perhaps challenging at this juncture.  Estimations of task completion are a double-edged blade, they can give hope or they can disappoint.  Although replies are always appreciated, I acknowledge the reality that it is difficult -if not nearly impossible- to reply to each and every single issue/idea across various mediums.  So I propose a broader approach to communication: simply provide the user community with daily feedback.  That is all.  The feedback could be as simple as a developer journal noting breakthroughs and set backs.  Granted this might bolster the position of many of the dissatisfied in that this latest release is more akin to a beta than a production release, however clear communication is better than sparse responses or none at all.


      Back to my initial note, not everyone is on tumblr, or facebook, or uses twitter.  A blog is a centralized location without the need of any account authentication with any third-party service.  I think it is of great import that updates are made in such a centralized location, and may do a great deal of benefit in repairing the image of Producteev in the eyes of the community.


      As an aside, it might be best if a redirect from the Producteev blog to blog.producteev.com was created to clear any confusion.


      I ask formally, can someone (Ilan, Bruno, Deirdre, anyone?) let us know if this or any other strategy will be taken in regards to communication?