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    iOS 6 vs iOS 7 Icon Face Off - #swarm


      OK, Apple fans. With the new iOS7 release there's been a lot of talk about Apple's graphics moving away from their skeuomorphic design tendencies.

      (Skeuomorphic - design on an object made to resemble another material or technique. e.g. the faux leather in “Find My Friends,” bookshelves in iBooks, fake glass, notepad paper in Notes, green felt in Game Center, and so on. I learned a new work today!)


      Which camp are you in? Do you like iOS 6 graphics or iOS 7 graphics better?

      Screen shot 2013-06-13 at 8.06.37 PM.png

      iOS 7 vs. iOS 6: Icon Face-Off

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          Not trying to steal words from the mouth of Jony Ive or anything, but I find myself very much appreciative of the simplicity and order brought to the interface by cleaning up subtleties such as the icons noted above. The feeling of minimal clutter and clean workspace is something that I find myself craving on my Android device (although I love many aspects of my Razr Maxx).


          I would very adamantly pick the iOS 7 side over iOS6.


          Everyone can look forward to Jive Mobile taking advantage of iOS7 design features and functionality in the future. That physics engine is going to enable some darn good visualizations!



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              Hey AJ - thanks for your thoughts. I, too, appreciate simplicity. I know most people are adamantly in one camp or another, but I haven't made up my mind yet. Perhaps I focus more on functionality, less on the design of it. While some of the icons are pretty different, the bulk of them haven't changed too much for me to notice in passing.


              I was sent a pretty funny tumblr from a friend that appreciates iOS 6 more called: Jony Ive Redesigns Things. I think it's pretty funny no matter what camp you're in. Enjoy!

              Screen shot 2013-06-18 at 2.39.42 PM.png

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              Hi Leigh,


              I think I would pick iOS 7 just because it looks newer and fresher to me, having used iOS for 5 years now. However, I really support your point about functionality mattering more than giving the product a new look. I really don't see any innovation whatsoever in iOS 7. All they did was to redesign the icons and the coloring of the operating system. Such a change has been available for a while to jailbroken iPhones through "theming" http://www.ithemesky.com/

              I was really expecting them to delve more into the user experience aspect of the design, and change the actionflow around some of the less intuitive aspects of iOS (switching between wifi and LTE, unintuitive settings, cluttered multitasking etc).

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                  Although I agree that what has been demoed thus far is a bit underwhelming... I have high(er) hopes for the way in which devs take advantage of the reworked operating system. There are subtle gestures and animations of fluidity that won't be fully exposed until we start seeing iOS devs start to pick the meat from the bones. The "elasticity" feature, coupled with the UI-centric OS might finally hit the nail on the head as far as a completely fluid UI experience goes.


                  I think the major issue here, not dissimilar to the way in which APPL stock is regarded, is that people are expecting more from the "eldest child" of tech. After being trained to expect amazing innovation after amazing innovation, this UI change just doesn't satisfy our need to be amazed. Also, the whole Beta release is somewhat alien to Apple followers who are used to consumption of polished and highly palatable products.

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                  I finally took a look at the demo videos on the apple.com site the other day.


                  I have two observations:


                  1. the change from iOS 6 to iOS 7 appears to be one of function and simplicity (as noted), but more so for ease


                  2. it seems like the change makes it easier for developers to have "space" in apple products.  My first instinct was "looks more like android apps."


                  If given a preference, I appreciate the simplicity as indicated by others; but, more than that - apple should rely on reputation and good products to set them apart, rather than a set of icons.