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    Need help to start process after installation



      I am very new to jive/jive apps, and I am interested to create an app in jive. I start with reading some documents from jive software community and with very basic/less idea I started to create an App.

      By installing all the software's required like (GIT repository, Ruby) in windows environment. Successfully created an account jive developer community and Jive sandbox. Created a sample App and now i can able to  open

      that app and its template.

      I simply follow the steps mentioned in Jive Apps Command Line Tools - Windows Installation Instructions and Creating a Basic "Hello World" App


      Now I have the template of the App and confused where to start from, Do i need to install any particular tool to edit/modify the code? How to implement the UI of the App? Whether/where to include the Java script pages in that template? What to be mentioned in .xml file?


      Please help me to get out of this situation


      Thanks in Advance.