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    Why work on all platforms.


      I'm curious as to others thoughts, I think only the web platform should be worked on while the program is so broken.  It could help producteev focus on making one of its platforms work well rather than slowly fix bugs on all.  Please let me know your thoughts?

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          olivero Novice



          I think it doesn't make any difference.


          IMHO Producteev

          - must be debugged really soon.

          - then most/all old feature must come back soon


          And then everything else can follow with version 5...


          I think the Producteev developers work hard to get things done and certainly there is progress e.g. in search. I really appreciate to get feedback, like "it will be fixed soon" or similar. But it is more and more hard to determine if things really develop fast enough... You know with every new bug or at least with every new week without any huge improvements I have a look on other tools.


          John Rizzo stated on Producteev Update on Migration and Pricing 'We are working around the clock to re-earn your trust' but how can the community see this if there is no posting on Blog, Facebook, Twitter or here after Friday afternoon? At least there must be visible steps forward either by postings or by working with the tool. I've seen some similar requests for this here in the community but without response from the team.


          Bruno Correia Probably you are working yourself with Producteev. Why don't you add us all on request to selected Producteev tasks so that we can see how your team is working and closing issues. This would really help to be patient while things goes on.


          Really I would like to know what is going on over there at Jive / Producteev headquarter and to see and feel progress.


          - Is there such a huge amount of behind the scene?

          - How many developers are working on the tool fixes?

          - Will there be a huge bugfix or will there be smaller step by step fixes?

          - Why is there no capacity to keep community up to date?


          Best regards


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              Hi Oliver,


              The team is definitely working hard and we push code everyday to make the new Producteev better.

              Most of the amelioration cannot be seen on stage but help the tool to be more stable.


              The equation is pretty simple in fact: the more we spend about what we are doing, the less we do.

              The Producteev team is less than 10 people, and everything is currently being done to make you happy.



              Talk to you soon