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    Assign tasks to roles rather than people in a project template

      Is there a way to create generic 'roles' within a project template?  This would make the templates really flexible in that you'd define generic roles and then assign roles to actual people at the start of a project.  WHen you use a template many times, its much easier to assign 5 different roles than to assign people to 50 tasks.


      Similarly, is there a way to define relative dates?  For instance, instead of actual dates, I'd have Day 0, Day 4, Day 7, etc.  I'd then define an actual date as Day 0 and the system would use it to calculate all the subsequent actual dates.


      As it stands, my group (200 people) would be unable to use Producteev broadly.  However, if you made these 2 changes, I see a LOT of potential uses.