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    Looking for Jive administrative assistance (agency or contractor)


      Hello Fellow Community Enthusiasts,


      Perhaps you have a well-liked agency or contractor that you'd like to help out (or yourself) ...


      I need a part-time person that knows Jive 5.0 administration (or a nearby release) to do some very manual admin tasks in the Jive administrative interface for about 5-10 hours a week.  They must be very detail oriented, responsible, reliable, and trustworthy.  They need to like following a process . Could lead to more hours a week and broader work, based on experience.  Can work remotely (prefer time zone closer to PT but not requirement).  Need is asap or very soon.


      Know of anyone?   Please private message me.


      And if this type of posting isn't appropriate in this group, then please let me know and happy to remove!


      Laura Douglas

      Senior Community Strategist

      Good Technology