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    can I have link to jive problem ID 4512


      I have following errors in my sbs.out,


      [pool-5-thread-1] [:] ERROR com.jivesoftware.cache.impl.CacheEventListenerDispatcher - Failed sending cache event com.jivesoftware.cache.impl.CacheEvent@13b44a8d

      com.jivesoftware.cluster.ClusterException: Cluster transmit thread pool is overloaded, rejecting message: ClusterTaskMessage{ sender=null, destination=null, task=com.jivesoftware.cache.impl.CacheEventListenerDispatcher$CacheEventsClusterTask@6ef14027}



      I found this ID from search  ( Problem ID 4512 )  .


      Jive Documentation


      How do I find this ID details