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    Do they have free Wi-Fi? - #swarm


      Connectivity experts advocate how a reliable Wi-Fi plan will be the key to unlock the huge productivity gains associated with enterprise mobility.

      Anyone who travels nationally or internationally knows that Wi-Fi is necessary for mobility. Review these startling stats:

      71% of those polled said they research hotspot and connection availability before they embark on a business trip.

      14% of mobile workers have never paid for Wi-Fi access, whilst nearly a quarter (24%) have paid upwards of $30 for one-time access.

      This time last year, an iPass report revealed that 88% of those surveyed said wireless access was near to, or as important in their lives as water or electricity.

      48% of mobile workers said they were “more productive” when working in a hotel.

      70% of mobile workers are allowed to bring their own device.

      35% surveyed admitted that a company’s BYOD policy can sway whether they accept or reject a job offer.


      With the latest Jive Mobile release the next barrier to overcome is Wi-Fi access.


      If you' rely heavily on Wi-Fi, I'd love to hear tips that you've come across on the road to be as productive as possible.

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          As Jive Community members that engage heavily with mobile content, how do you navigate internet accessibility on the road/out of the office in context to the Wi-Fi stats in the above discussion?

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              I have split my data access between my iPhone and my iPad.

              That way, I'm able to stay connected and work from my iPhone when I just want to do some quick messages via Jive for mobile. If I want to do some more involved work, I can then go to my trusted iPad mini to use Jive for iPad, browser searches, longer emails, etc.

              If I need to do involved work, I can then bring my laptop up, and do a hot spot from either my iPhone OR my iPad. Why two? Given that I must be connected, especially for demos, I thought that it was important for me to have both AT&T as well as Verizon to ensure connectivity. Depending on where I am, different providers will have better coverage.

              Sometimes, customers/prospects will provide us WIFI access, but more often than not, it's not available, too slow, won't work with Reflections (software used to demo mobile devices via laptop).

              If I am at a hotel or Starbucks (why? good coffee and free WIFI), I'll switch to wireless.

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                  I also split my time between my phone and iPad (I have an android phone). I use my phone to keep me posted on the latest and greatest content, especially discussion and comments relating to content and places that I follow. I am then likely to reply with a quick response, like, or share the content with someone.


                  For writing up documents or creating larger chunks of content, I prefer the iPad app due to the greater screen real estate. Searching for people, content and places is a highly valuable, mobile activity that is easier than ever, especially when reviewing key information before a meeting or discussing a piece of content with a coworker.


                  Charles Mae, could you elaborate on specific tasks that cause you to transfer work to your laptop? Is it a text input issue? Do you have a keyboard connected to your iPad? We are working on covering major use cases for the iPad app so that you don't need to bring all three devices with you wherever you go!

                  Feel free to shoot me a DM if that works better for you, or post here.



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                      AJ Cihla Jive's experience for mobile is definitely meant to be different than for a full keyboard/browser.

                      When I need to "get down and dirty" and do a lot of work, I go to my browser.

                      This would include items like having to create groups, quick navigation between tabs, doing extensive navigation in groups and spaces, etc.

                      For mobile, I like to do work when I'm doing short sessions, but when I'm doing "full day" work, I would rather be on a full size keyboard/screen.

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                          I completely agree Charles Mae . Our mobile experience is definitely targeted at enabling users to complete common tasks that are most relevant in a mobile environment (at a cafe, airport, on the road, etc.) Things like creating content, commenting, messaging, sharing, liking, bookmarking, and general interaction with the Jive environment is something we are trying to optimize for our mobile users.


                          I was just curious to know what tasks we could further optimize for the mobile app. Navigating between multiple tabs and more complex behavior is, just as you said, more appropriate for our browser interface. Thanks for the feedback

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                        Thanks for sharing how you navigate internet access while on the go.

                        I currently just have data access on my mobile, but often times I run into the problem of needing to use my laptop in places where there isn't wi-fi access. This leads me to have to pre-plan my trip to be in places where there is wi-fi, so I'm in the majority group noted up top.


                        It's interesting how we have so many tools that serve unique purposes (iphone, ipad, laptop, etc). It can be back-breaking lugging all that technology around, as AJ alluded to!

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                        Leigh Pankonien this is a great question and truth is I love the mobile app for the communication ease and being able to stay connected to the jive communities I follow. This helps me stay on top of important discussion and content. However if I want to get down and dirty (this means creating content such as uploading docs and groups),  I need to use my computer.


                        I believe one great thing would be is ability to upload files, besides images, would be great to see on the mobile. This could enable users to take a file that was sent to their email and upload it to a discussion... I am not a developer so I don't know how realistic that could be but would open avenues for increased productivity via mobile.


                        Thanks for the question and the opportunity for providing feedback. Saludos!