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    JiveWorld 13 Developers?


      We sent some developers to JiveWorld 12 and we learned a little from the development tracks, they were not very useful.  We learned more by speaking to devs 1 on 1 or at the hackathon.  I see that JiveWorld 13 has a Pre Conference Training for App Developers which is awesome, but looking at the schedule i don't see much content for developers.  The technical track has a couple sessions that introduce you to API's which is good, but nothing else looks appealing.


      Jive offeres a lot of API's and flexibility with plugins and !Apps but the JiveWorld conference seems to be focused on business strategy and community management.


      Where is the developer love at JiveWorld?  Give me, the developer, a reason to go...



      (there is no JiveWorld 13 group yet or i would have posted this there!)

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          there is actually a ton of content for developers. The technical sessions will cover the different techniques that you can use to integrate into Jive. compared to last year, where we focused on apps and the REST API, this year we will have sessions on the new purposeful places API, the iOS SDK, producteev, as well as apps. Many of these sessions will have customers talking about their hands on experiences building integrations.


          We will make sure that there are plenty of Jive engineers there to help answer your questions or the lack a bit as well. The training you are talking about will cover much more than apps as well.


          Overall I think we've got a great program for developers and I hope to see you and your team in Vegas!

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              Mark, which sessions specifically do you think would be great for developers to attend?  


              We can also help set up some meet ups so the 1:1 networking happens effectively.


              Jason Gotti - Let us know what else we can do Jason, we have so much new stuff to show developers about our platform - and we wouldn't want you not to be there! 

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                  Dont worry we will be there!  Just trying to figure out who... we bought 16 tickets so far!!  We have 5-6 Jive Instances, 4 community managers, Project Managers, Product Managers, Developers, UI/UX Developers.... I'm the Lead Developer and trying to determine if my Dev team would benefit from some of the sessions.


                  We are mostly interested in plugin development and possibly !App development as it begins to integrate with the rest of the site.  We are mostly a Microsoft Shop and know some Java (figuring out Struts, Springs, and all the IMPLs have been interesting). We are very interested in the REST APIs and the direction of the platform.


                  See you in Vegas


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                      AWESOME!!!! We're definitely going to have lots of activities that your developers will LOVE. From a session standpoint, what we are doing around purposeful places would be of interest. This would be a good way for you to integrate some of your MS .Net applications. In fact, if you've got a REST API, then our !app strategy would also be a great way to integrate. We'll have some customers talking about what they are doing with apps.


                      On top of all of this, we're going to have plenty of time where our engineering team will be available starting on Tuesday. If you want formal training, you can get that as well. To say I'm excited about the Developer Track this year is an understatement. I can't wait for October!!