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    Who's the rock stars at SoCal event last June 19th?


      Wow, great event that Shirlin Hsu and Thyda Nhek organized for us last night!

      If I ever have a huge event, I am going to hire them to help me out.


      Also, a special thanks to the following folks:

      Fidel Fernandez for helping with the F&B

      Curtis Gross for sharing insight about Gamification and answering Jive upgrade/product questions

      Megan Truett and Wes Goldstein for sharing live experiences about Gamification

      Kevin from Bunchball for sharing his perspective about Gamification

      Alan Lewis for co-presenting with me the insight to the Jive Upgrade: the good, the bad and ugly


      Even though everyone makes it look easy to put their stuff together, it does takes time and effort and it is so nice to see everyone contributing.

      I can feel everyone's passion about how they are using Jive and I hope that the rest of our SoCal community can use this group to share the Jive experience.


      Comment here and nominate your rock stars in our community.