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    "Change photo & avatar" not working - can anyone help?


      Dear All,


      Am looking to change the avatar for one of our users, however when I select "Change photo & avatar" below on profile page, below the profile picture, I am directed to the following screen:

      Error  Jive World - Google Chrome_2013-06-20_17-11-55.png


      There is nothing else on the screen but this error message, and this issue is only affecting this one user.


      Does anyone have a recommendation of things to do/try in order to circumvent or fix this issue? Otherwise has anyone encountered this problem before?


      Your suggestions and any help are very welcome and appreciated as I am out of ideas.


      Kind regards,

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          Hi Louis,

          I can't say I've encountered the same error as you have, but is there a possibility to reach out to Jive support to help you through resolving this?


          Usually when something like this occurs it's because of a customization to the enviroment.  If you replicate the issue and dig into the system logs you may find a pointer to the reason (some exception being thrown).  Next step for me is to remove any custom theme and then plugins in a staging enviroment until I find the issue no longer occurs.  Essentially trying to pinpoint the problem area and then go after it.  In some cases it's just a configuration or a bug that needs to be reported.

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