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    Will Producteev ever go back to splitting up labels, people, and visual spaces by project - allow the USER to decide if they want this consolidation?

      The new "unified" smooshing together of everything - a MAJOR workflow decision forced upon Producteev users - has basically destroyed my entire workflow. Producteev is now a worthless jumbled mess to me, and unless this changes through user-enabled configuration options, and I am going to have to migrate ALL my valuable data to another system. I am pretty shocked that such a drastic change that shifts the entire paradigm of why Producteev was useful was pushed out without even a "heads up" from the developers. I hope a fix is on the horizon. What say you, developers? What kind of feedback have you gotten around this, and will I ever be able to cleanly segregate and separate different projects?


      FYI - I use Projects as, essentially, entirely different business entities, each having unique language and terminology. This new design simply assumes - horribly, horribly incorrectly - that every project I have should fall under the same "business" and should all share the same labels and visual space. Total project/company separation was the key selling point for my use in its previous iteration.


      EDIT - I have been directed to trying out "Networks" - this could potentially work out, though I am looking at a loooong edit/migration process. If this works my only wish is that this rollout would have been handled better.