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    Window 7/Office 2010 issue with uploaded documents


      Don't laugh, but I just got my first Windows 7/Office 2010 computer at work last Friday and we are having our first Jive compatibility inconvenience. Anyone else on W7/O10 having this user experience? Did it have a negative impact on perception or adoption?


      What's Happening

      1. This is on prem 4.5 on Windows 7/Office 2010
      2. Download any Office document (like Word, Excel, PowerPoint) from any Jive place.
      3. Choose "Open," not "Save"
      4. The document opens but is locked down as "being opened from a potentially unsafe location" by the Office 2010 application.
      5. Document can't be edited or printed until you "Enable Editing"
      6. My IT team says "That's just the way it works, what's the big deal?"
      7. I say, "How do I encourage people to use Jive when their desktop says it's a security risk?"

      Potentially Unsafe Error.png


      I'm posting this using Chrome (company backup) because my IT team can't figure out why this community no longer works for me on IE (company supported browser). So you should have a good sense of how my week has been.....