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    EAE: Expiration Settings Control in Jive 6

    Mirko Swillus



      as far as I can see, Jive 6 provides no possibility to configure the Activity Engine Expiration Settings any more (Google came up with this diff: http://docs.jivesoftware.com/jive_sbs/6.0.0/ftldiff/WEB-INF/classes/template/global/admin/settings-ae.html).


      What I miss in comparison with Jive 5, is (click path Admin Console/ System / Settings / Activity Engine):


      User's Followed Activity Stream Expiration:

      All Activity Stream Expiration:

      Hidden Stream Expiration:

      Place Activity Stream Expiration:

      User Profile Stream Expiration:

      "What Matters: Communications" Inbox Expiration:


      Has this feature moved to another page or component?


      Thanks in advance,