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    Error 500 Referencing CSS in Jive App


      I'm having some difficulties getting an explicit reference to a CSS loaded within a Jive App.


      I understand that every component of a Jive app gets loaded through a proxy on the Jive server.  I'm trying to include a style sheet normally within my HTML, but I am getting an 'Error 500' from the server.  Although originally I was including the CSS from an external server -- and thought that perhaps Jive didn't like loading stylesheets from external servers -- I am now including the CSS within the app itself, as in:


           <link rel=stylesheet type="text/css" href="stylesheets/virtual-library-2.css">


      However, when I do so, I receive the following error from the proxy when it is attempting to load the file:



      Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)


      What is especially odd is that the CSS does get successfully loaded when I run the app in the public sandbox (sandbox.jiveon.com), but not when I run it on my local Jive developer instance (SBS 6.0).  However, I have no similar problems with any other file references within this or any other apps.  That tends to indicate that the proxy on the Jive server is generally working, but doesn't like this one individual file, although I can't imagine why.


      Any ideas?





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          Have you tried taking a look at the logs on your local dev instance when the error occurs? Usually when there's a 500 Jive will log something (though sometimes it's incomprehensible) so you may find that useful.


          As you mentioned, the proxy seems to be working for other files, I've just tried it with a file in one of my apps and that seems to work.

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              Unfortunately, there does not appear to be anything relevant in the log for the local development instance.  Of course, there is lots of stuff spewing in the log all the time ... :-( ... but mostly about not being able to contact some 'Single Tenant Heartbeat' service/server, and a warning about checking firewalls (although those errors are spit out even when I'm not logged into the server, so it does not appear to be related to anything that I am doing).


              I am seeing the proxy Error 500 from the browser, when I look at the browser console as I load a page containing my app.