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    Is there a way to block user from publishing across the community (open to all)?


      When a user publish a document he can do it in :

      • A specific place
      • His document (hidden)
      • Share it with other users (Specific people)
      • Open to all (The community)


      Is there a way to block the user from publishing in the community but still allow him to create hidden document or shared document with a few person ? (we are usig Jive 6.0.2 by the way)


      I've seen the properties in Undocumented Jive System Properties that disable the publishing of documents, threads and polls in the user container but doing this remove a huge collaboration tool that we dont want to lose. Still, we dont want to allow anybody to publish content viewable to all outside of spaces.


      Anybody have an idea if it can be done? I've a feeling that it can be done since we are not allowed to create "Hidden" content in the Jive Community.