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    Retrieval of a v3 Document from a jive.core.Document reference?


      I have been playing with App Actions and trying to retrieve a full osapi.jive.corev3.contents.Document instance from the selection that is passed from invoking my app action


      The selection passed into my app action callback is an osapi.jive.core.document with only the jive.content.id available for retrieval of something more substantial;

      I use osapi.jive.core.documents.get ({id:selection.jive.content.id}) to get a more complete v2 type document, but I really need to get the v3 version to play with the tags for example.

      To get a v3 document I should be using osapi.jive.corev3.documents.get ({uri}), but can't work out how to get the URI from my v2 document - self.ref gives me a call to api/core/v2/documents/id which isn't accepted as a valid URI for the invocation of the /contents/{URI} service.


      Anyone got a workaround for retrieval of a full V3 Document from the selection passed in an App action?