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    Internal Community Manager Response Time


      As an internal community manager how quickly are your communities expecting answers/responses?  Within a few hours, a day, few days?  Know this will vary from company to company and dependent on urgency of the question but would be good to hear some examples of what is seen as an appropriate response time.

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          We try  to provide some sort of response within the first 24 hours, depending on what time the question in asked.  Even if the answer is "I don't know, let me check, or let me enter a ticket with Jive", it's very important to us that our users feel that we are available and actively monitoring the community.  It's important to set that tone early, I think.  We also strongly encourage other members of the community to answer questions too, so sometimes we'll see a question and wait a little while to see if another user will answer it.  We really want to develop a strong peer support system.  Not only does it help build the network, but it's a great way to hear how other people are using the system and it provides some options, use cases and working examples.  The only time we really intervene on user responses is if it is wrong, then we "gently" correct it. 


          As far as what users expect in response time, we never really said "We'll get back to you in X amount of time", we set the expectation kind of naturally.  If there is a system outage or access problem that completely prohibits users ability to access the system,  we get to those as soon as we can.  Functional questions, potential bugs, within 24 hours usually.

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            For questions about how to use the tool itself, or for administrative help, we have specific places for those questions to be posed. For those places, we typically have an initial response within a couple of hours. Final responses and "closing" it depend on the situation. For example, someone's question might lead to the investigation of a bug in the software, at which point the final solution is dependent on Jive.


            We encourage the use of questions, and then use the Unanswered Questions widget to keep track of things still open. Community members are rarely good at marking correct answers, so I make liberal use of the "Assumed Answered" function available to admins.

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              Questions related to how to use the Community take priority over anything else going on for us, so we jump within minutes to provide an answer.

              As mentioned by Tracy Maurer .. some questions/issues will require JIVE's involvement & letting our community members know of that has been sufficient enough, most of these cases are resolved within 48 hours unless there a bug involved.

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                In our instance, there is just one community manager (me) and I closely watch the Help section since it's largely questions about using Jive. To keep track I also use the unanswered questions widget -- keep those at the top and also motivates me to answer quickly because I hate seeing unanswered questions there . It's a simple tool, but selecting to get email notifications for that space really helps and lets me not check the Help space 20 times a day. I have other spaces where SMEs answer questions for our student-facing staff (registrar experts, compliance experts) and are owned by leadership in those departments. To make sure they answer those questions quickly, the unanswered question widget is standard and I also encourage them to use the email notifications for their spaces.


                Time-wise, I answer the questions within help within a few hours at most, unless it's something I need to research, which as the platform matures seems to be more and more the case. Even if I don't immediately know the answer, I try to quickly give at least a response to the question letting the asker know that I've seen it and working on it. I think that's big for the user and for the space owners/community managers. Some leadership felt daunted and pressured to answer any and all questions immediately. We let them know that they don't have to answer every question right away, but as the leaders, they likely know someone in the department who does. Even a "Hey @Betty, do you know the answer to his question or someone who does?" is a good response because it gets the ball rolling. Actually, one cool thing is that leadership has jumped in and responded which employees love. You probably would never directly email the AVP of Compliance a question but if you post it in Jive, she may respond!

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                  My policy is as soon as I can. That means less than 1 hour (if I'm on lunch break). Specially for request from users. Administrators usually figure out how to do something after a couple of minutes, but a plain user can get lost quite easily, and if they have a traumatic experience he/she might never come back again, or even worse, they might try to convince other users that collaboration is not worth it because the tool is not right.

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                    Hi Stephan,

                    Our instance has about 63,000+ registered users with more than 1/3 are active monthly. We do have a dedicated support group in our instance but we don't have an explicitly stated SLQ time for responding to questions.


                    Having said that, I track our support group and get notified questions/comments within a few minutes of them getting posted. I answer every question as I am the community manager - usually within a few hours or so. However, since our employees are global and this is an enterprise wide collaboration tools, there are times where is does take 24 hours for me to get back to a user.


                    My responses to the questions vary.

                    • Sometimes I don't have an answer, but I post a response saying I have to contact Jive and get back to them.
                    • Sometimes I have to refer them to some else on our technical team - maybe to setup a webex to trouble shot a problem
                    • On rare occasions, the question doesn't belong in the support group and I have to help the user find and move it to a more appropriate place
                    • Most of the time, I can answer their questions. And when I feel the answer is the correct one, I usually add the following blurb of text to the end of my response: "If this answers your question, please mark this correct. Otherwise, feel free to ask me any additional questions you have". This sometimes helps in getting users to click the "Correct answer" button.


                    We do have "super users" and "champions" who also pitch in and answer questions - especially during night hours of NY - but even when they do, I also add a comment, thanking them and asking the poster if they have any other questions.


                    Hope this helps

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