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    Why the huge gap between Creates and Total Content in CMR?

    Ted Hopton

      OK, I surely should have noticed this sooner, but I have been trying to hang on to my BOBJ reports and had not focused hard enough on CMR, apparently. As I get closer to the idea of letting BOBJ go -- which I look forward to as much as someone with chronic migraines looks forward to the day that pain might finally stop -- I am trying to make CMR do more for me. In trying to combine some of the CMR data into a new metric, I ran into a conundrum. I think that is a nice word for "the data looks wrong."


      When I read the definition on the Daily Activity Chart for Creates I see:

      The number of times a document, discussion, blog post, status update, poll, video, idea, group, space, or project was created.

      (I love that the definitions are right there in the reports, BTW.)

      Now, when I download the CSV file for the Content Chart, I get results for the first seven of those items listed in the definition for Creates: documents, discussions, blog posts, status updates, polls, videos and ideas. As far as I can tell, from the information provided, the only "created" items missing are groups, spaces or projects.

      However, the numbers don't make any sense. When I do the math, that means that on average our community has created over 1000 new containers (spaces + groups + projects) every month since January 2010, for a total of about 45,000 such containers. We actually launched in 2008 and I can assure you we do not have anywhere near that number of containers.

      So, can someone please explain the gap between the results reported for Creates on the Daily Activity Chart and Total Content on the Content Chart? It's not just groups, spaces and projects, that is for sure.