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    Identity Propagation / Impersonation using Jive Rest Api v2




      We need to be able to post messages via the Jive Rest Api (v2) on behalf of our registered users.

      They will have the same account for our application and Jive and we need to pass their identity on to Jive using web services.

      (given that we won't have access to their passwords)


      Alternatively,we are trying to find a way to provide Admin Credentials and post messages for other users.


      Apparently there is a plugin that lets you do this from the interface:

      https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-69393 ,

      and a new "OnBehalfOf" parameter in version 3.3 of the REST API .

      But none of these really help, since we need to do this via web service using the v2 API.


      Has anybody been able to do this with the REST v2 API?



      Thank you