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    Jive for iPad links issue?


      I have a user who just installed the iPad app (he downloaded it from the apps market and signed in - he said he didn't have to type in any registration code or anything). When he gets Outlook email notifications from Jive alerting him that someone has posted to him, he'll click the link given in the email, but that link will redirect him to a page prompting him to enter his registration code. If he gets a registration code in the same way that he would for the mobile app, will this alleviate the issue? Or will that be using the standard Jive for Mobile app and not actually Jive for iPad?


      Thank you

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          Hey Erin Nichols,

          So currently we do not redirect links to the Native App. The experience you are describing, and correct me if I am wrong, is that he is being redirected to our mobile app although he has the native app too. If he is following links from outlook then he will be sent to our mobile web application. We currently do not receive reg codes for iPad and will likely be moving away from that requirement for universal iOS. For the meantime, sharing  within the Jive interface will allow for him to receive his notifications regarding shared or mentioned content. I hope that helps. Thank YOU

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              Hi AJ,


              I think I followed you up until a point (perhaps because it's Monday!). So for now it's redirecting him to the mobile app, but in the future this will be fixed and it will open in the iPad app? (if so, do you have a potential timeline for this change?) You would recommend that I instruct him to not click the links in the notification emails and just open the iPad app anytime he receives these emails, yes?


              Thanks so much for your help!

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                  Unfortunately it is also Monday in California.


                  There are no "scheduled" plans on the mobile side to link from emails to the native app. There is a whole web of dependancies that needs to be handled; the problem is much more complicated than one would think (I was just recently explained the intricacies of this particular issue). I will keep you posted on any developments here.


                  I would recommend that he opens the native apps and uses the notifications there if trying to view specific content (otherwise he can reply directly to the email if he is trying to correspond with someone). I hope that helps.


                  Happy Monday!