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    Where has 'Description' gone (per task)?

      Not sure how I can elaborate on this, I realise that comments can be used as a description but the dedicated field per task for setting a description was a much better approach in my opinion.

      Is this to encourage short but information task titles?

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          Hi Mitchell,


          Actually you're right: our vision is to create a lightweight but powerful task manager that will make you more productive by being less time consuming. We strongly believe that a short but impacting title with details in the notes is powerful enough to reach this goal. You can also add details in the subtasks if you want those to stay on top of the thread.


          Thank you

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              I'm in the same situation and have tried putting details in the subtasks.  However, links in the subtasks are not clickable, so that's a no-go for me.  If task descriptions can be put back into the UI, or at least if we could have "sticky" comments, that would work very well.  We really need to have a piece of related information permanently at the top of the task view, especially when the comments start getting cluttered (which pushes the older comments down past the bottom).  Thanks!

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              I agree 100%. For our team assignments (Epoch Games), it's imperative that links to images, attachments, etc. can be shown in either a top comment or a Description field in order to let the claimer know what he's supposed to do, give some background information for his assignment, etc.


              Its certainly more "efficient" then trying to fill in a bunch of subtasks and trying to find weird ways to include links inside them. Honestly it should be decided by a team which features are useful to them and which aren't in a tool like this. Why can't there be an option to turn a Description field and/or stickied comments on or off?

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                I agree completely. Putting detail as a sub-task is not a good solution for the reasons that others have stated--and because sub-tasks are meant for real sub-tasks. And a note becomes less visible when subsequents notes push it down the list. Often providing such detail improves productivity by allowing the assignee to see at a glance what he or she is supposed to be working on--at a glance.


                Please consider adding a description/detail field to tasks; I don't think that its omission improves Producteev and it is a feature that is missing when compared to several competing products that I've evaulated.