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    Does Jive proxy the request for app.xml?


      From what I understand from the apps documentation and the videos on the JiveWorld12 group, this is basically the steps for rendering an app:

      - User makes a request to Jive to open an App.

      - Jive looks for the app.xml definition and starts to process its content.

      - Injects the necessary JavaScript code (based on features) into the HTML that will be returned and rendered in the container.

      - Proxies a request to retrieves the HTML that is defined in the Content section and related components (.css and .js)  - Jive proxies the request for these files besed on if the Content type = "html".

      So, what about looking for the app.xml?, when Jive looks the app.xml in the server where the app is hosted, is that request proxied too?