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    Purposeful Places - Synchronising comments

      I'm working on synchronising comments between Jive and Zendesk using an Activity Stream Tile right now and I've come across an issue where the same comment is returned multiple times. This happens from both sides, ie Zendesk will return a ticket with has been commented on recently multiple times and Jive will return a newly created comment for an Activity Stream Entry multiple times.


      This isn't an issue when I push comments from Zendesk to Jive since the comment will have the same externalID as the duplicates and so a duplicate comment isn't created in Jive, however this is a problem in Zendesk.


      Now, I could handle keeping track of ticket and comment IDs from both sides in the app and use some sort of persistent storage to make sure this doesn't happen (and I may do so in future) but Aron Racho and Mark Weitzel, I would like to know if I can modify the Jive comment that is pulled from the activity stream and assign it an externalID to prevent duplicates.