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    My feedback about Producteev


      I've just registered and tried Producteev, I think you are in the right direction and I will be able to use it soon, the is just something that in my opinion would be very useful to have (they apply to the iphone app too):


      1. A badge with the number of opened task near each project in the project box (but it would be good also in people and labels)
      2. When I click on a specific person or label to get the list of tasks, I don't know which project is the task associated to (that's very important to know as sometime a task name is generic)
      3. Cannot create multiple lists inside a project: I'd like splitting the tasks by lists to avoid having everything mixed
      4. With the person assigned to the task, there should be an optional "tester" that is the one that checks that the task is really done, so maybe it would be useful to have another status for the task like "in review" or something like that
      5. Cannot set the priority for each task (I know I can use the labels, so it's minor...also I see a "sort by priority" but I think it's related to the date)


      These are the first impressions, I thought it would be useful for you to share them...




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          For item #5, I could be mistaken, but if you click on the little star it allows you to select a priority.


          It's not entirely intuitive (I usually think of stars as yes/no type flags, as they are in GMail), but it appears that is where you can set priority.


          I really like #2. I have been having to change my task names to be "Project Name: Task Name" just to be able to read them all.